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Fujian Secure Medical Technology Co., Ltd. (stock code: 832060)  was founded in 2003. Since the company has been built, Secure company focus his attention on researching, manufacturing and marketing of medical smart mobile products and medical care products.

Secure company regular staff is 300, the existing Headquarter office and production area is 16,000 square meters, 30,000 square meters technology park project is under construction.

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  • The 4-wheel drive electric wheelchair with a high-tech design, they are highly flexible, compact, and easy to operate, providing users with high safety and excellent driving quality. The self-developed omni wheel reduces the size of the wheelchair to turn around and facilitates circulation on narrow roads, between door frames, and in narrow spaces. They can be used on lawns, beaches, gravel roads, and forests, suitable for the elderly and disabled.
  • The caster’ housing , wheel cap are made of high quality Nylon-PA6,durable TPU wheel tyre has excellent features in chemical resistance. Sealed design to protect against spray water, dust and hair, also, make the caster easy to clean. Swivel and wheels with precision ball bearings perform quiet and smooth moving. The strong inside construction for long life usage. All of our Materials comply with ROHS requirement and testing meet EN12531 standard for hospital beds. OEM is available!
  • All Terrain Intelligent Electric Wheelchair For Old People And Disability
  • TC Series: Conductive Anti-Static Hospital Central Locking ICU Bed Casters

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SECURE —— Flexibility and Harmony in Healthcare Spaces

Hospital furniture is a range of furniture that’s suitable for medical settings and meets the standards of medical staff, with certain hygiene and operational requirements. Compared to traditional furniture, it’s similar but also quite different. Given the direct link between patient ...


At SECURE — experience the artisan spirit of medical devices

Responsible business organizations must stick to a set of standards when it comes to how they behave, what they do, and the quality of their products. SECURE is a great example of this. They put in the time and effort to make sure their furniture casters are top-notch and that they’re const...

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